We will ensure all waste would be removed from site at the
earliest possible time and in the most appropriate and safe manner.

Segregate of wet and dry waste and all waste from the site would be collected and stored at the designated location and dry waste will be transferred through particular vendor and also wet waste will go to compost units. At present we are converting wet waste in to organic manure.

We ensure:.

* Training associates to minimize health hazards to employees.
* Proactive measures to prevent spread of any infections / diseases.

Over a decade of experience, Wall 2 Wall has devised a specialized waste Management service model coupled with process and technology to achieve optimum result.

Wall 2 Wall works in parallel with customers, industry leaders and experts to make an impact in providing cleaner and safe environment wherever we do our services.

Wall 2 Wall strictly follows EHS policy in waste management.

Wall 2 Wall also collaborated with European organizations like REUG, Vienna, Austria to bring in most successful and proven working model in waste management techniques from across the globe.

While our waste management solutions are cost effective and environment friendly, we are strictly complied with all legal and statutory requirements on labor, health, and safety.

We are also having capability of providing integrated urban waste management Services in association with leading international waste management companies & consultant.

Submitted to BBMP.

At Wall 2 Wall our vision into provide cleaner and safer working environment for all.